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Six Days in Fallujah Studio Responds to ‘Politics’ Discourse

by Lucas White

When Six Days in Fallujah reappeared after being cancelled over a decade ago, the discourse went to familiar places. Whenever a game rooted in military action, fictional or otherwise, is released the publisher or developers are often asked about “politics.”

Usually the question ends in guarded statements and arguments over what “politics” means. But today, weeks later, developer Victure has commented on the matter.

Six Days in Fallujah Studio Responds to ‘Politics’ Discourse

The question is generally an attempt to steer the conversation towards how the content in these games reflects society. It exposes a gap between an understanding of politics as commentary on current events, versus narrative perspectives on historical events. Victura seems to have acknowledged this, in a statement tweeted out this morning.

In the statement, Victura’s representation makes a case for itself, stating that the game will include documentary footage, and interviews with real soldiers and civilians from that point in time.

The statement carefully asserts that this includes different perspectives, including feelings about the Iraq War itself. Another big controversy, which appeared after the game’s longtime lead commented on not including “atrocities” was also addressed.

Earlier statements seemed to imply the United States’ use of white phosphorus would be glossed over or omitted. In this statement, Victura contradicts that my claiming white phosphorus is a part of the story, albeit not a part of the gameplay. 

Public statements are what they are, and this one doesn’t mean the heat is going to dissipate. That said, it is definitely notable for its approach to the subject if not the actual comments within.

A game of this scale and, presumably budget is often the one that sees the most attention and the most protection. Seeing the statement leveling with what “politics” actually means is a fascinating moment, even if the general outlook on Six Days in Fallujah doesn’t shift. 

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