Silent Hill F Has Been Revealed and It Looks Like Absolute Nightmare Fuel


A screenshot of a girl from the Silent Hill F reveal trailer.

We are finally getting a new Silent Hill game! The next main entry in the series, Silent Hill F (stylized as Silent Hill ƒ), was announced today during Konami’s Silent Hill Transmission broadcast. Yes, you read that right. And it looks HORRIFYING, in a good way.

Konami Announces Silent Hill F

Konami dropped a handful of reveals during the show on October 19, like the Silent Hill 2 Remake and a new viewer interactive title called Silent Hill Ascension, but as you’d expect from these kinds of things, the Japanese developer saved the best until the last. The hosts thanked viewers for watching before the stream launched into a new reveal trailer.

Now, I must warn you, the Silent Hill F video isn’t for the faint-hearted. If you’ve played Silent Hill before or are at least familiar with the franchise, you’ll expect some gore and/or violence, but if you haven’t, well, it’s full of it. I mean, a girl’s face peels off at the end and there’s a creepy doll in it so… Yeah. If you’re not a fan of stuff like that, maybe don’t watch it.

Either way, I’ll embed the trailer for you below. If you’re a sicko for horror games like me, you’ll love it.

As far as details go, there was no gameplay – this is purely an announcement trailer to let fans know that Silent Hill F is in the works. What they did share though is that Japanese author Ryukishi07 is writing the story. And if you know anything about him, you’ll know that it’s going to end up being scary AF. Aside from Junji Ito, this is probably the best horror writer they could get for it. It’s also worth noting that this is most likely the rumored “Project Sakura” that was floating around a while back.

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There’s no release date or window, so no one knows whether it’ll be out in 2023 or not, though it’s likely something that we won’t see for at least a couple of years. Still, knowing Silent Hill F is in the works is good enough.

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