Bethesda have revealed that they’ll be releasing a boxed version of the Shivering Isles for both fans of packaging and/or players without Xbox Live.

October sometime sees the release of the boxed edition which will also include previously released add-on Knights of the Nine. It’ll be priced at $29.99.

Xbox 360 owners will also have the chance to grab a Game of the Year edition for $59.99. This will include the original campaign and the Shivering Isles and Knights of the Nine expansions.

At this moment in time Bethesda haven’t announced any plans to include the smaller DLC packages they previously released in any kind of boxed form for 360 players. These are available to download from Xbox Live though.

PS3 players will get the chance to grab a Game of the Year edition at some point after the 360 and PC versions. As to when and if the Shivering Isles will be coming in PS3 boxed form or via the PlayStation Store we don’t yet know.

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