The Series X | S Launch Was The Biggest in Xbox History

Phil Spencer has spoken.

The release of the Xbox Series X | S was an exciting event this year, with many gamers taking to the internet to announce their Series X (or S) had arrived, among other things. In addition to Xbox telling gamers not to blow vape smoke into their console’s vents, Phil Spencer had an interesting note about the success of the launch itself. 

The Series X | S Launch Was The Biggest in Xbox History

According to Phil Spencer, Executive Vice President of Gaming at Microsoft, the Xbox Series X | S launch was the “largest in Xbox history” with more consoles selling in the first 24 hours than ever before. 

Phil Spencer’s tweet doesn’t include exact numbers for people looking to compare the Series X | S to previous console launches like the Xbox One and Xbox 360.

However, we imagine we’ll get specific numbers about the Xbox Series X | S launch in the near future, especially if the launch is as successful as it sounds like it has been already.

The Xbox Series X | S released earlier this week on November 10. The Series X sits at a price point of $499 while the fun-sized Series S is more affordable at $399. The consoles will go head-to-head (in terms of sales) with Sony’s new console, the PS5. 

While gamers have lamented the lack of exclusive launch titles for the Series X | S the consoles did launch with some impressive games available through Xbox Game Pass. For example, Tetris Effect: Connected. 

Yes, Tetris was an Xbox launch title and it could very well end up being a good luck charm given how successful Tetris launch games have been, like when Tetris launched alongside the Nintendo Game Boy. 

We look forward to hearing more from Phil Spencer in the future on how well the Series X | S is going and about future exclusives like Halo Infinite.

After hearing the Xbox Series X | S launch was successful, what are your thoughts? How well do you think the Series X | S sold in comparison to other Xbox consoles? Share your thoughts with us on our social media channels including Facebook and Twitter

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