When Just Cause 2 came out three years ago, it introduced an open world of exciting fun, one where you could easily dispatch of enemies, zip up to the top of buildings, and create all sorts of chaos with explosives.  And that was just in the first level.

We could very well be seeing more of that, in the form of a possible expansion – or maybe even a sequel.  Avalanche Studios' CEO Christofer Sundberg tweeted a small image featuring a guy doing a nice little dive out of a plane (as shown above).  Though he wouldn't really say what the image was from, it's likely the next chapter of the Just Cause saga.  And, for the record, he did use the hashtag #e32013, indicating that it's the likely place for Avalanche, and maybe Square Enix for that matter, to reveal the game.

We'll have more details soon, but for now, we suggest checking out Just Cause 3.  It's good fun, and you'll never have a better time using a hook cable.  I mean, you can grab guys off of buildings and send them crashing to the ground.  Who wouldn't like that?!