Judging by the critical response of Disney's Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two – and the closure of development studio Junction Point weeks later – it sounds like Mickey Mouse has seen better days.  But according to a recent report from the Australian ratings board, it could very well be happening.

According to listings from that site (as well as Brazil's ratings board), indicating the registration of a game called Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse.  In case you've forgotten – or didn't play games from the 16-bit era – that's also the name of a classic platformer for the Genesis system, produced by Sega.

In the game, Mickey fights his way through a magical world in the hopes of rescuing his beloved Minnie from an evil witch, while battling enemies ranging from mushrooms to toy soldiers.  Featuring delightful graphics and music, the game was considered one of the better Mickey-produced adventures over the years, still to this very day.

Sega is listed as the game's publisher, and the platforms that it may be coming to include Wii U, Xbox Live Arcade, and PlayStation Network for both PS3 and Vita.  Sega hasn't confirmed anything yet, so it's pure speculation – but we'd love to see this release again.  And, for that matter, World of Illusion as well.  With online co-op.