The Nintendo Switch is adding two classic games hailing from the 1980s to Nintendo Switch as part of the SEGA Ages line-up. The two newest additions and blasts from the past will be making their grand Switch debut on January 23 of this year. 

The two newest games to be gracing the hybrid console's library are Shinobi (a personal favorite) and Fantasy Zone. Both made a huge mark in gaming history, making it an awesome addition to the Switch's library both for nostalgic gaming veterans and newcomers to both titles alike. 

Interested? Here's what you need to know about the two upcoming additions: 

About Shinobi

Ninjutsu master Joe Musashi returns in this classic side-scrolling platformer. He has been sent on a mission to single-handedly find and rescue all the children of the Oboro clan who have been kidnapped by a criminal syndicate known as ZEED. Utilize your sharp sword, shurikens, throwing knives, and even magic to defeat the enemy and free the hostages.

About Fantasy Zone

A pioneer of the “cute ‘em up” genre, Fantasy Zone tells a surprisingly bleak tale about the mighty space warrior Opa-Opa’s journey for revenge in a pastel-colored world. Defeat enemies to collect coins and power up Opa-Opa in order to rescue the world of Fantasy Zone in this exciting classic!

Both games will be available for individual purchasing in Nintendo Switch's eShop on January 23, 2020 for $7.99 each. You can learn even more about what's to come with the official SEGA Ages website right here