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Sea of Thieves’ Final Beta is Live and Open to All on Xbox One and PC

by Larryn Bell

Attention, pirates! This weekend is your last chance to lift your anchors and set sail in Sea of Thieves before the game officially releases on March 20. Today, RARE announced that they will be running one last beta test this weekend for Sea of Thieves. The Sea of Thieves Final Beta is live now and will run until Sunday, March 11 at 10am GMT. 

Unlike the closed beta, which was limited to Insiders Program members and those who pre-ordered, this time the Sea of Thieves Final Beta is open to all players on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. All you need is an Xbox Live account with an active Xbox Live Gold subscription for Xbox One. There’s also no NDA in place, so feel free to stream, capture, and record footage to your heart’s content.

To join the Sea of Thieves Final Beta, you must search for the Sea of Thieves Final Beta in the Microsoft Store on PC or the Xbox Store on Xbox One and install the beta. If you participated in the Closed Beta test and still have it installed on your system, then you should be able to run the Closed Beta again to join the Final Beta this weekend.

As with previous test phases, the Final Beta will allow the developers to test new features and stress test the servers one last time before launch. Alongside the Gold Hoarders Guild treasure hunting quests, the Final Beta test will also introduce the Merchant Alliance Guild, a new quest giver that tasks players with collecting animals from different islands. 

In their Developer Update video today, RARE also mentioned that the Final Beta will include ship customizations as well as Skeleton Forts, which are emergent threats that require teamwork to eliminate.

You may remember finding some uninhabited forts while out at sea in the previous testing phases. Those island forts will now be randomly populated with hordes of Skeletons. When an ominous cloud forms over these islands, you’ll know there’s treasure to be had for anyone who joins the fight. 

As a final note, players should prepare for a few gameplay issues during the Final Beta. The server load during this test will be the largest it’s ever been, so there’s bound to be a few hiccups along the way. RARE said that they will be working to maintain smooth sailing for everyone throughout the Final Beta weekend.

The Final Beta for Sea of Thieves is currently underway until Sunday. Make sure you know the closed beta start and end times so that you can make the most of the playtest this weekend. For more on Sea of Thieves, head over to our Sea of Thieves game hub, where you can learn how to start a voyage and complete bounties.

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