The Witcher is one of the most adored entertainment franchises throughout the world thanks to its leading character of Geralt and the fantastical adventures to have players embark on. With this in mind, it was not surprising to see a great deal of interest be created when Netflix officially announced it would be creating a series based on The Witcher universe. Star Henry Cavill secured the role of Geralt, and it was safe to say there was plenty of hype from fans to what Netflix would eventually produce.

Fortunately for these interested individuals, San Diego Comic-Con 2019 saw the first official trailer for The Witcher Netflix series be revealed to the world. Due to the only look fans had gotten of the show, until the release of the trailer, being still images, there was plenty of attention directed to the trailer that showed off the live-action adaptation fans can expect to watch when The Witcher series makes its way on the streaming platform. 

While the reaction to the first trailer for The Witcher Netflix series was mixed, as with the majority of new entertainment products in today's world, this first look at footage of the upcoming show likely has piqued the interest of plenty who will be anxiously to tune in and watch Henry Cavill slay monsters as Geralt of Rivia. 

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