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Samsung Announces Smart TV Ambient Mode

by Bryan Dawson

Samsung has always pushed the envelope when it comes to new technology. Today the company has continued that trend with a new smart TV that features Ambient Mode. The new TV is designed to blend into a wall instead of sticking out like a sore thumb and is just another way that tech companies are trying to do more with the living room space.

The new smart TV mounts flush to the wall and has interchangeable frames to look more like a painting than a TV, but that’s not where the fun ends. Use a Samsung app on your phone to take a photo of the wall surrounding the TV and when the television is not in use it will mimic the surroundings to blend into the wall. It even adjusts the brightness output for maximum blending. You can also select from over 100 different artwork pieces or put your own portraits on display if you opt not to have the camouflage look.

In addition to the normal abilities of a TV and the Ambient Mode, the new Samsung smart TVs will have the Bixby voice assistant built in. With this the new TVs will essentially act like a Google Home or Amazon Alexa, only it’s your TV instead of an additional piece of hardware. This is just one more attempt to make your living room the entertainment hub in an era when smart phones have been taking priority.

There’s no official price for the new Samsung TVs, but they are due out this month so expect that information to come sooner rather than later. That’s also when consumers can expect the new line of Samsung QLED TVs with new contrast software algorithms for some of the sharpest images you’ll find in a TV.

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