RYSE: Son of Rome Walkthrough – Trial by Fire

Find all of the hidden collectibles in the third level of RYSE: Son of Rome.

Trial by Fire
After the cinematic at the start of the level, run forward and under the structure, through the crashed ship. Hop down and look to the right when prompted, then immediately look for a body on the left, just ahead. Examine the body to find another SCROLL. Climb up to the next ship and look to the left to see another VISTA shield. Collect it and press on until you drop down below. As soon as you drop, turn around to discover another CHRONICLE.
Continue through the ship and drop down to find a group of Barbarians attacking a Roman soldier. Defeat them and examine the dead body to find a SCROLL. Continue forward and dodge the archer’s arrows until they engage in close-range combat. Defeat the archers, then keep moving down the path.
Head through the ship and drop down to take on another horde of Barbarians. Defeat them, then head to the left and around the rocks to find a CHRONICLE. Keep moving down the path and use pilums to take down the archers, or rush forward and engage them at close range. Once the archers are down, look to the left to see a fire. In the alcove to the left of the fire is another CHRONICLE. Pick it up, then continue up the stairs.
There’s a flag in the middle of the area just to the left. Deflect or dodge arrows until you reach the flag. Interact with it to place your men in formation. Watch the archers ahead. When they ready their arrows, press and hold A to block the attack. When you’re close enough, the archers flee.
Head up the stairs and to the right. Climb up to the platform above to find Barbarians and another VISTA shield on the right next to the window. Take down the Barbarians first, then interact with the switches on either side of the chain to spawn more Barbarians. When all of the enemies are taken care of, grab the vista and take out the archers on the opposite side of the room.
After a brief cinematic, it’s time to storm the beach. Quickly run forward while avoiding the red circles on the ground. After another short cut scene, take down the Barbarians, then head to the right near the beach. There’s a dead body with a pilum spear in it, and just to the left of the dead soldier is another CHRONICLE.
Head to the middle to find another flag. Interact with it to place your men into formation against the archers ahead. This time you must take the archers down with your pilums. As soon as you block a barrage of arrows, hold RT until the archers are all marked with arrows, then release. Repeat this process after every volley of arrows until all of the archers are down.
Climb up the next two platforms for a very short cinematic. Before you jump off the platform, look to the left to find another VISTA shield. Collect it, then take down the archers with the pilums on the platform and down below on the ground. It’s best to upgrade the number of pilums you carry to avoid running out too quickly. When prompted to fire a volley, do so to finish off the last of the archers.
Before you move on, head back to the platform you started on. Just to the left, leaning up against the platform is another CHRONICLE. Pick it up, then head to the flag in the middle of the field. You must now give one of two orders. Select the arrow on the left to order suppressing fire on the archers, but with no melee support for yourself. Choose the arrow on the right to order melee support, but you’ll have to dodge arrows while you attack. If you feel your melee is strong, choose the left option. If you are comfortable dodging arrows while you fight, choose the right option.
Defeat the Barbarians, then head to the right past the boats and over the small hurdle. Hug the right side until you reach a dead end to find a CHRONICLE. Continue down the main path to engage more Barbarians. In the middle of this field is another SCROLL. Make sure you collect it before you move on.
Press forward and take out the archers, then use pilums to hit the rope just above the drawbridge to open a path for your men. Head through the corridor, avoiding the arrow fire, then up the stairs and around the corner. There’s a glowing body on the ground on the right. Examine it to discover another SCROLL. Pick it up, and continue up the stairs.
Take out the Barbarians at the top of the stairs, then look to the far left to find a VISTA shield leaning up against the wall. Collect the vista, then head to the far side to use the scorpio to take down the archers across the way. With the archers down, dodge to avoid the red circles on the ground, then take out the Barbarians that attack. When prompted to fire a volley, do so as soon as possible. Defeat the last few Barbarians and fire off one more volley to complete the level.

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