RYSE: Son of Rome Walkthrough – S.P.Q.R.

Find all of the hidden collectibles in the second level of RYSE: Son of Rome.

It is time to spar with your father. First you must press Y to stun him, then attack twice with X and get a third hit in with Y. Get all three hits after a stun three consecutive times. The next lesson is timing a deflect. Press A when your father glows green to perform a perfectly timed deflect several times. The final lesson is to perform perfect strikes after a push. Press Y to stun your father, then press X to attack. Press X just as each previous attack hits to perform a perfect strike.
With the lessons at an end, you are treated to another cinematic where you must defeat another group of Barbarians. Take them out, then head into the next room to find your mother and sister dead. Now it’s time for revenge! Kill the Barbarians in the courtyard, then continue the carnage just outside the villa.
Take out the slightly larger Barbarian with a few extra stuns to stop him from blocking your attacks, then head through the gate to watch another cinematic. After speaking with the mysterious woman, you find yourself in a courtyard. To the left is another VISTA shield near the ledge. Just ahead are a few dead bodies on the ground. In the middle is a dead Roman soldier. Examine him to find another SCROLL. Just beyond the fallen soldiers is a small alley to the right. Immediately to the right is a lion head fountain. Examine the area to the left of the fountain to find another CHRONICLE.
Continue down the main path until you see your father on the right. Follow him through a dark alley to find another VISTA shield on the left, then take out the Barbarians in the next area. Let your father lead the way to the next battle and defeat the Barbarians. Your father is kneeling just ahead, and to his left is a fallen enemy that glows green. Examine the body to find another SCROLL.
There is a wooden structure to the left. Climb up the structure using the blue cloth as a guide, then head to the left and over the next blue cloth. Run down the pathway and attack the wooden boards to clear the way. Just ahead is a glowing blue lever on the left. Attack it to create a path, then continue around the area, following the blue cloth, until you can jump down into the alley below.
Continue to the end of the path, then head to the right. Turn right down the next path to find a CHRONICLE at the end on the right. Head back the way you came and continue past the alley and to the left. Take down the Barbarians with the pilums to the right. Climb down into the arena and defeat the remaining Barbarians, then head through the gate on the right and follow your father again.
Kill the Barbarians below, then follow your father once more. When you reach the bridge that blocks your path, turn around and climb up where the blue cloth is. Work your way around, following the blue cloth that’s scattered about. Just before you reach an open area, there’s a short set of stairs on the left and a cluster of junk on the right. Move toward the cluster and look behind the wooden barrel on the handcart to find another CHRONICLE.
Continue into the open area and use the pilum spears on the left to lower the bridge. To the right of the pilums is a handcart flashing yellow. Move to the right of the handcart and press Y to move it out of the way. Head down the pathway and defeat the Barbarians as they attack. Open the gate at the end of the pathway and follow your father once more.
As you head through the next corridor, another VISTA shield is located on the left. Collect it and continue to follow your father. Kill the Barbarians ahead and continue to progress forward and initiate a gruesome cinematic with your father.
You’re done! Onto part three!

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