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Runner 2, Other Discounts Highlight PlayStation Plus This Week

by Prima Games Staff

This week looks good for PlayStation Plus subscribers, as they’ll have access to a free game well worth chasing after.

Gaijin Games’ Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien, the charming free-running game that arrived earlier this year, will be available as a free title starting tomorrow, down from its usual $14.99 price.  For those who want to expand the experience, the Good Friends Characters Pack, which features the likes of Raz from Psychonauts and Dr. Fetus from Super Meat Boy, among others, is also discounted down to $2.39 for PS Plus subscribers.

Square Enix has a Tomb Raider Bundle that shouldn’t be missed. For just over $20 — $20.24, to be exact – players can get the wonderful reboot of the franchise, along with a three-pack bundle of special Hitman: Absolution weaponry, a Shanty Town multiplayer map, the Tomb Raider Outfit pack and the downloadable first-person puzzle game Quantum Conundrum.  That’s a swell deal for Lara fans – or fans of good games in general.

Several PS Vita games have also been marked down, including Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus ($19.59), Soul Sacrifice ($17.49) and Street Fighter x Tekken ($19.59).  The sale is on for a limited time, so act quickly!

Reminder: Gods Eater Burst for PS Vita and Malicious will leave the service tomorrow, so if you haven’t downloaded them yet, check them out!

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