Earlier this month, a rumor spread like wildfire about a possible Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription service that would offer a phenomenal deal by combining that of the Xbox Games With Gold and Xbox Game Pass programs. Now a new source is claiming that Sony is gearing up for something similar for the next generation with the PlayStation 5. 

According to a report by SegmentNext, an anonymous European developer is claiming that Sony is working towards their own premium service, one that includes PlayStation Plus in addition to premium access to alphas, betas, and private servers. Unfortunately the dev, who also claims to be working on a PlayStation 5-exclusive title, didn't offer up any more details about the alleged service. Because of that, we don't have an estimated price point or different features that could become available. 

As with all leaks, take everything not confirmed by the companies themselves with a grain of salt. Though Sony is skipping E3 this year, they did mention they will be hosting their own event with plenty of surprises. Given that the source is a developer, it does make sense that they wouldn't have too many details about the service, unlike the Xbox rumor that offered up the $14.99 a month price, though it is still important to remember that this report has yet to be confirmed.

We have reached out to Sony for comment, though we aren't expecting an official statement. Sony is very good at keeping their announcements under wraps when it comes to news that's first-party, and we would imagine that something like this would be reserved for whenever they decide to host their PlayStation-centric event. 

In addition to reaching out to Sony, we did put out feelers to some of our own sources, so keep it tuned in here for any updates regarding the latest PlayStation 5 rumor.