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Rocksteady’s New DC Game ‘Outlaws’ Leaks, Expected Reveal Later This Week

by Liana Ruppert

Rocksteady, the studio that gave us the beloved Batman Arkham games, has been hard at work on their newest adventure – one that has been the center of speculation ever since the company revealed the end of the Arkham series. Some rumors geared towards a Superman game, others towards a Suicide Squad take – now, for the first time, we’ve got something more than just heresay, though not yet an official confirmation. 

A teaser image seen below has been floating around online before eventually making its way to Resetera that shows off the Gotham skyline with a Wayne Enterprises tower front and center. The bottom of the image hosts the usual DC Comics logo in addition to the Epic Games brand, which could mean it will be an Epic Games exclusive like Borderlands 3 and Metro Exodus. 

Though an official description hasn’t made its rounds yet, it’s widely speculated that the Outlaws refers to the Red Hood and Outlaws series that has Red Hood, Starfire, and Arsenal team up to kick ass. Though when the series first debuted it was met with insanely negative reviews, the follow up volume rectified a lot of the issues fans had with the first issue. 

Another popular theory is that the Outlaws is referring to a previous leak from earlier this month that suggested that their newest game was based off of the Suicide Squad series, which of course would also apply to the Outlaws moniker. 

While the leak is promising, it’s important to note that this has yet to be confirmed by Rocksteady themselves. Like all rumors and leaks, take all information with a grain of salt until confirmed by the developers themselves. Still, there are a lot of murmurs that an official reveal is coming later this week with possibly an even deeper look at this year’s E3. 

Liana Ruppert

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