Cheaters never prosper.  At least, that’s the lesson that Rockstar Games is trying to get across.  The company has announced that, as of today, it has launched a new service for the multiplayer-supported Max Payne 3 that will put cheaters in their place.  Literally.

Titled the Cheaters Pool, this feature blocks anyone using hacked saves, modified games or any sort of cheats from regular play with casual players, instead putting them on a separated playlist where they’ll only be able to play against…other cheaters.  This actually makes sense, in a way.

Rockstar has actually been monitoring player accounts to see who’s been cheating and who hasn’t, so if you’re in the Pool, chances are there’s a very good reason for it.  However, if you think you ended up in there by mistake or just need some clarification as far as what the Cheater Pool entails, you can get more information over at the official FAQ page.

Really, just play fair like the rest of us, guys.  It’s more fun for everyone.