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Rockstar Games’ The Warriors Coming to PlayStation Network Next Tuesday

by Prima Games Staff

A PS2 classic is ready to make a ruckus.

Rockstar Games has announced that it is bringing yet another controversial yet highly entertaining PlayStation 2 classic to the download front next week in The Warriors for PlayStation Network.  The game is based on the late 70’s Walter Hill film of the same name and focuses on a street gang that find themselves at odds with rivals when the life of a philosophical leader is cut short during a recent meeting.

The game features plenty of fisticuffs with certain Warriors members, and also oozes a lot of the same style and essence from the 70’s film, including some of the same actors returning to their roles over 20 years later.  (To their credit, they still sound great.)  If you’re a fan of the film and missed the game the first time around, you certainly won’t want to next week.

The game can be yours for $9.99.  We can dig it.

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