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RIVE: Ultimate Edition Coming to Switch This Month

by Josh Hawkins

Nintendo wasn’t joking when they said that they’d be offering full third-party support for the Nintendo Switch, and the portable, home console continues to add new games to its already diverse library. The latest game to make its way from other platforms to the Nintendo Switch is RIVE, an old-school shooter that showcases the brilliant, but frantic action of side-scrolling shooters. On top of coming to the Nintendo Switch this month, RIVE developer Two Tribes has taken things a step further, and has set out to release the most definitive edition of the game—available exclusive on the Switch—on November 17.

For those who haven’t kept in the loop, RIVE is a game where players must pilot a spider tank as it runs, jumps, and shoots its way through any obstacle in its way. Players will do battle in zero gravity, underwater, on land, and even on a moving train. RIVE has already received very positive reviews on both the PC and PlayStation 4, and as the game makes its transition over to the Nintendo Switch, developer Two Tribes is looking to up the ante even more, by making it the most definitive version of the game available.

Exclusively available on the Switch, RIVE: Ultimate Edition will include a new Copilot mode, which allows players to team up using the Switch’s built in multiplayer option, and players can team up by taking control of the spider tank with the two Joy-Cons. On top of this, the game will also support the Nintendo Switch’s HD Rumble feature, which will let players feel the true effects of the action. It’s a nifty feature that we haven’t seen much use out of in third-party games on the Switch, so seeing Two Tribes make such a big deal out of it brings a smile to the faces of many.

Two Tribes have also completely redone the campaign’s visuals and performance, ensuring its completely optimized for play on the Nintendo Switch, allowing users to experience the frantic action of the game in glorious 60 frames per second, even when in 1080P mode and connected to a television. The Nintendo Switch version of RIVE is truly looking to be the “ultimate” edition, and fans can start picking the game up on the Nintendo eShop starting November 17.