Rise of the Triad: Dark War, a follow-up to 1995’s much-adored whacky first-person shooter of the same name, was announced at QuakeCon today.

The title will be released via Steam at some point later this year and runs on Unreal Engine 3. Both the company that originally spawned the title, Apogee Software, and relatively new team Interceptor Entertainment have taken the development reigns.

Interceptor was originally at work on an unofficial Duke Nukem 3D remake, but had to stop due to a dispute with license-holder Gearbox. The company formed in 2010 but hasn’t yet released anything finished to the public.

When quizzed on whether the game will be a sequel or a remake, the PR rep said "I'd say it's a 'reimagining' or something of that nature. Not a new story or anything like that, but not just a straight-up remake, either - rebuilt from the ground up."

There are to be five playable characters and 20 levels. Features that might sound familiar are single-multiplayer and a level editor. Weirder features include Elasto mode, Mercury mode, Shrooms mode, (a slightly different to your standard) God mode and Dog mode. See here for a video of similar cheats in the original.

If you’re into a bit of dismemberment and you like remixed game soundtracks then you’re in for a lucky treat as Rise of the Triad: The Dark War has both. It also features the old soundtrack for those of us old enough to remember buying games on floppy disks.

The video below is the original, the video below the below is the reboot. Have some nostalgia and admire how far we’ve come.