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Resident Evil Invades Monster Hunter: World, Tofu Too

by Liana Ruppert

Leon and Claire are back at it in a different kind of universe because Resident Evil has officially invaded Monster Hunter: World. The team over at Capcom is definitely no stranger to crossovers. With franchises like The Witcher, Horizon Zero Dawn, and even Mega Man invading the expansive world of the latest Monster Hunter, players knew that the studio wasn’t done yet with all of their surprises. 

Leon and Claire have definitely upped their monster-hunting game. Goodbye Mr. X and the run-of-the-mill zombies, now there is a whole new level of game for them to take on. While The Witcher was a shock to Monster Hunter World players, Resident Evil is a pretty big surprise as well though it does make sense with the recent reveal of Project Resistance. 

Oh, and speaking of Mr. X, he’s here too – because naturally.

We don’t have a release date at this time for when Resident Evil will officially invade Monster Hunter: World but we do know it’s coming sometime in November of this year. Think of it as an extended Halloween! 

Liana Ruppert

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