It's interesting to hear about how a franchise was so close on the verge of a comeback, only to come crumbling down to the harsh reality of the real world.  That's how it was with the "99 percent complete" Star Wars Battlefront III, and, as we're learning today, that's how it is with Guitar Hero 7.

Kotaku is reporting that Activision and Vicarious Visions, for a time, had a new Guitar Hero game in development back in 2011.  With this one, it appeared that the developer was going back to basics with the title, ditching the drums, mic and bass to instead focus on just playing good ol' guitar again.

But what's more, it appears that a new peripheral was also in the works, one that actually featured six strings in place of buttons, as well as a new button that was installed into the neck.  Good idea, but never quite seen to fruition, as it was stated to be a "disaster."

In an attempt to save cash on licensing, the game used "all the worst hits of the 1990's" like "Closing Time" and "Sex and Candy", along with other tunes previously used in Guitar Hero games.  Music videos were also looking to be implemented.

After an Activision exec looked over the project, it was killed in 2011, never to be seen again.  It looks like we've seen the last of this rock god…unless it vows to make a comeback in some better developmental form.  Hey, guys, why not just go back to basics?  It worked the first time.