Capcom has lifted the curtain on a new title called Remember Me at its pre-Gamescom press conference in Cologne today.

The game’s a third person action affair based in a future Paris featuring work by staff that worked on Rainbow 6, Splinter Cell, Heavy Rain and Burnout. Todd Macfarlane of Spawn artistry fame is also on board helping to build the city. The studio responsible are a new team by the name of Dontnod, this is the first game it’s worked on.

The videos released so far are running on a PS3 and look stunning (that rain!). The trailers show a female protagonist named Nilin with some nifty Uncharted-style moves and a rather interesting “Memory Remix” mechanic. The plot revolves around an ex "memory hunter" who appears to have fallen victim to the same memory stealing tactics she previously carried out.

The title with a few nods to Total Recall popped up at last year’s Gamescom with little more than a few bits of concept artwork, mentions of a 2084 Neo-Paris setting, the working title Adrift and news that memory trade will be a big feature.

Remember Me is currently set for a May 2013 release on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Name aside, it has nothing to do with this, or this.