During the PLAYISM Game Show, a trailer for a remake of Mad Father was shown. Not only will the remake of Mad Father, the RPG horror game from developer Sen, release on Steam like the original, it’s also getting a Nintendo Switch release! 

A Remake of Mad Father Coming to PC and Switch This Fall

The remake of Mad Father is scheduled to release sometime later this year and will be available on both Steam and Nintendo Switch.

The news was met with a wealth of excitement from fans of the original, with many noting they’re particularly excited to play the game on Nintendo Switch.

Along with improvements to graphics and game quality, the remake will feature new events, characters, and additions like BLOOD Mode. 

For those unfamiliar with the original game, here’s an excerpt from the Steam page for Mad Father: 

“On the eve of the anniversary of her mother’s death, Aya reflects on the past.
Sad, lonely, and desperate for something to help her relive happier times, Aya asks her father if they can do something special in memory of her lost mother.
Aya’s father agrees and puts her to bed, promising to make tomorrow a better day.
But this fleeting glimpse of light is quickly extinguished when Aya is jolted from her slumber by the sound of her father screaming.
She jumps out of bed and runs to find her father, only to find the once-peaceful and somber home now littered with corpses and other horrors.”

In the years following its release, Mad Father has gained a following of dedicated fans, ourselves included.

The remake news was unexpected, but with indie games reaching impressive levels of success (like Among Us), we imagine the remake of Mad Father will gain even more fans on Nintendo Switch.

It also makes us wonder whether we could see a remake or remaster of similar games like Yume Nikki.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed, and will appreciate the fact that we are getting a remake of Mad Father because honestly, this is amazing news.

Again, the remake of Mad Father is scheduled to release later this year and will be available on both Steam and Nintendo Switch. If you’re curious, you can play the original release of Mad Father on Steam.