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Realm Royale Hotfix Brings Legendary Weapons Back to the Forge

by Larryn Bell

Over the weekend, developer Hi-Rez Studio applied a Weapons and Forge update to Realm Royale that removed the ability to craft Legendary Weapons at the Forge. The only way to obtain a Legendary Weapon after the update was by randomly finding them in chests throughout the map, which didn’t go over too well with the community.

In response to community feedback, a new hotfix has been applied to Realm Royale today that reinstates Legendary Weapon crafting at the Forge, removing class Legendary Weapons from regular loot chests.

Realm Royale Legendary weapon hotfix

Hi-Rez has outlined the Forge adjustments in a recent Realm Royale Steam post. The main details of the hotfix are as follows:

  • Class Legendary Weapons can no longer be obtained through world chests.
  • Forge Class Legendary Weapons for 200 Shards and 2 Chicken Trophies 
  • Forge Non-Class Legendary Weapons for 120 Shards and 1 Chicken Trophy 
  • Players can hold up to 3 Chicken Trophies

Today’s hotfix should remove much of the RNG that was caused by removing Legendary Weapon crafting from the Forge. “You should no longer find Legendary Weapons in regular chests,” said the Realm Royale Twitter account. Now, players should be able to craft both class Legendary Weapons and non-class Legendary Weapons at the forge, as long as they have accumulated enough Shards and Chicken Trophies.

Version Mismatch

If you are getting a “version mismatch” error when trying to log in, make sure to restart your Realm Royale client to apply the hotfix update. If the update does not start, then restart the Steam client as well. 

According to HiRezJNash on Twitter, a full patch may be on the way later this week to coincide with today’s hotfix. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the changes to Realm Royale, so stay tuned. In the meantime feel free to look over some of our Realm Royale guides to help you improve at the game.

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