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Realm Royale Goes Prehistoric for First Battle Pass

by Larryn Bell

Realm Royale has gone through a lot of back and forth over the past month in terms of weapon changes and overall mechanics. The game is still in early access on Steam, which means there’s still plenty of room for changes to be made before anything becomes permanent. However, this hasn’t stopped developer Hi-Rez Studio from introducing a Battle Pass for Realm Royale, which was revealed today with a new trailer. 

Realm Royale is free to play, and besides playing on the test server, there hasn’t been a real way to show support for the game until now. Like those in Fortnite and PUBG, the Realm Royale Battle Pass allows players to unlock cosmetic items and rewards by completing objectives and leveling up. 

Hi-Rez has chosen to go prehistoric for Realm Royale’s first battle pass, which is officially named Primal Awakening, according to the trailer. The Realm Royale Battle Pass will contain dinosaur-themed Mount Skins, Chicken Skins, Class Skins, and Contrails. It appears some new emotes will be added as well for players who want to express themselves in battle. 

Realm Royale’s first Battle Pass is not available just yet, and there’s no telling when it will release or what it will cost. However, if it’s anything like the ones in PUBG and Fortnite, the Realm Royale Battle Pass will likely cost around $10 USD. If you wanted to get your hands on some new skins for your Mount and Chicken, you can pick up the Alpha Pack that is currently available in the Realm Royale store.

Realm Royale has been steadily gaining popularity over the past couple months, and has even been keeping up with its competitors in terms of content. Just this week, a new Deathmatch Training Grounds mode was added to Realm Royale, which is essentially a practice mode where players can learn the game mechanics before jumping into a ranked match. This is similar to Fortnite’s Playground LTM, which has taken over a year to come out but still isn’t a permanent mode yet.

Once we know more about the Realm Royale Battle Pass, we’ll be sure to update you here with the details. Realm Royale is still in its alpha phase and will likely undergo plenty more iterations over the coming months. If you want to help improve the game as it is being developed, you can join the Realm Royale Test Server on Steam, which is where new patch changes can be tested before being pushed to the live server. 

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