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Rainbow Six: Siege’s Newest Patch Will Change Nine Operators Quite Drastically

by Josh Hawkins

It’s almost mid-season for Rainbow Six: Siege’s latest DLC update, which means Ubisoft is busy working on a massive patch to change up the game’s current meta and feel. The upcoming patch has quite a bit in store for it, and players who have been spending their time defending the bomb and taking out their enemies have quite a few new changes to look forward to.

According to the latest developer notes about the mid-season update, many operators like Finka, Blackbeard, and several others are set to receive from very drastic nerfs and buffs, which could change how they play entirely. Ubisoft hopes that this will make some operators more fun for players, while also keeping things balanced well for a competitive and fair experience. You can see some of the latest data gathered by the developers below.

The data above was used by the developers to help determine which operators are seeing the most use, as well as which ones aren’t being used that much. This gave them the information that they needed to really look into making some changes. You can see a full breakdown of all the changes that they currently have planned in the developer notes, but it is important to remember that mid-season patches like this are especially important in games like Rainbow Six: Siege, where the meta constantly evolves and competition remains fierce thanks to competitive game modes and tournaments.

On top of the changes that they have planned—a lot of which were tried and tested on the test servers over the past few weeks—certain operators are also being looked into to see how they can nerfed or buffed to provide an even more balanced experience for competitive players in Rainbow Six: Siege. Ubisoft has provided some amazing support for Rainbow Six: Siege since the game’s original launch, and now as they continue into the third Season Pass, players can continue to expect an amazing amount of support from the developers, who aim to create a balanced and fair competitive environment.

The new patch will hit with the mid-season update, so make sure to keep an eye out for the official patch notes as more information is revealed.


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