Ubisoft continues to provide Rainbow Six Siege players with tons of new content, fresh maps, and unknown operators in an effort to keep the gameplay experience from going stale. They've been doing a phenomenal job thus far and are showing no signs of slowing down as the team reveals two new operators alongside Operation Ember Rise. Ready for some new faces?

The video above shows off a brand new defender found in Goyo with his affinity for all things 'splodey, while Amaru uses her Garra Hook in the best way possible, leaving now rooftop untouched. 

Just by looking at Amaru and how fast she is, I can tell the new Peruvian operator is going to be a new favorite of mine. She's dexterous, quick-thinking, and incredibly mobile. Ubisoft describes here ability to "sip to ay rappellable ledge or window to quickly position herself where defenders aren't expecting her to be." She's the perfect threat, keeping enemy players on their toes. 

Goyo, on the other hand, may not have the hook, but he is known for his ability to utilize "strategic cover points" and his volcan shields are no joke. Not only are they shields, but they are rigged to explode when triggered which honestly if you don't think that's the coolest thing ever you can just get right up out of my face right now. 

The latest video shows off exactly where the two Operators are in terms of gameplay in addition to more on the re-worked Kanal map. 

Thoughts on the latest operation to hit the Ubisoft online game? What do you hope to see next from Rainbow Six Siege following Operation Ember Rise?