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PUBG Receives Small PC Patch to Fix Hit Reg Issues

by Josh Hawkins

Players diving into PUBG over the past couple of days might have noticed that their shots weren’t entirely on point, especially when dealing with long-range gunfights. This issue was first noticed after the release of PUBG’s first post-launch patch, which dropped over the holidays. Now, a small patch for the PC version of the game has been released, targeting a bug that caused issues with long-range hit registration and client crashes in the lobby.

Just last week the game hit three million concurrents, and with so many players diving into the game, PUBG Corp is hard at work constantly monitoring issues and fixing bugs as they find them. Altogether the move from Early Access to official launch has been smooth, and while a few hiccups have caused snags along the way, but overall the experience has been smooth for PC players.

Following last week’s update, PUBG Corp also stated that they would be monitoring and analyzing things as they found new issues each and every day. This small patch is just the first of many that will undoubtedly come throughout the new year, and it’s a good place to start to ensure that they’re offering the smoothest experience for players on every platform that PUBG is available on.

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