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PSVR2 Headset Revealed Alongside New Information

It has finally been revealed.

by Jesse Vitelli
psvr 2 design feature image

This morning, Sony showed off the new look for the PlayStation VR2, which to no surprise, is all white just like the PlayStation 5. On the PlayStation Blog, we received some new information about the headset and controller’s new look.

PSVR2 Headset Revealed Alongside New Information

The ergonomics of the headset and controllers were kept in mind when creating the new shape allowing a comfortable feel for a wide swathe of different head sizes. The adjustable headset range and headphone jack also remain the same so players who use the first iteration of the headset will be familiar with the placements.

The PSVR2 has a built-in motor to use haptic feedback, which is placed inside of the headset itself. Even with this new addition, the PSVR2 is still slightly lighter than its original counterpart. The new headset also has a vent to let air flow out of the headset to reduce the lens from fogging up during play sessions.

Something Sony has been really keen for some reason is adding tiny PlayStation symbols on its hardware. The PlayStation VR Headset now has tiny symbols on the front and back of it, if that’s something you’re into.

PSVR2 still has no release date or even release window.

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