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PS5 Reveal Date Leaked, Again

by Liana Ruppert

Sony is doing things a little differently this time around and that decision was made well before COVID-19 took over … well, everything. While Microsoft gave us our first full look at the Xbox Series X at the end of last year, Sony has so far only revealed the controller: the DualSense. While nifty, gamers want to see the system and want to learn more about the games that will be available at launch. While the PS5 release date has been a huge topic of discussion for over a year now, one trusty insider has just leaked a date that several of our own sources have backed up. 

PS5 release date info, when is it coming?


In a recent Resetera thread diving into the spec reveal from earlier this year with PlayStation’s Cerny about the new system’s architecture, GamesBeat reporter Jeffrey Grubb responded to several inquiries about when we will be seeing the PS5 official reveal. According to Grubb, Sony has an extensive PS5 reveal event planned for June 4, which would be perfect considering 1) the team opted out of E3 again this year and 2) E3 opted out of E3 this year due to COVID-19. 

While Grubb provided interested fans with a date, he didn’t reveal any more details at this time other than that the event is planned to finally show off what the PlayStation 5 will look like. We’ve previously compiled all of the specs for the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 with our previous coverage found here, but the one thing we couldn’t compare is the aesthetic. That being said, we’re pretty confident in our assumption that the PlayStation 5 won’t look like small refrigerator. 

With COVID-19’s continued disruptions, the price point for the next generation has fluctuated wildly due to production woes and supply chains. It will be interesting to see if we’ll finally get a solidified price for both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X during the month of June given that this time period is usually reserved for E3, both pre and post, hype. 

While Grubb has a pretty solid track record in the past and I personally trust his judgement, it’s important to remember that Sony has yet to confirm nor deny any specific dates yet for their reveals. There is also the big PlayStation 5 games lineup reveal that is slated for May, which is also unconfirmed at this time. As we mention with all leak coverage, take all information regarding both systems with a grain of salt until the companies behind them themselves make the official reveal. Nothing is confirmed until it’s actually confirmed. 

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