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PS5 Price and Release Date Leaks, Again

by Liana Ruppert

Surprisingly, Sony hasn’t revealed the PS5 release date or price yet, and neither has Microsoft for the Xbox Series X, which means the rumors are rampant while fans scramble to try to find some answers. A new PS5 release date leak has been found, this time potentially revealing the info for both the standard PlayStation 5 system and the all-digital version. 

The latest PS5 leak comes by way of the Chinese industry property ‘My Drivers’ and it alleges that the upcoming Sony platform will retail for $499 with the all-digital PS5 coming in at $399. Even if this weren’t a leak with files attached, which it is, that number would be a good guess to throw out at the wall anyway when looking at previous trends and what many analysts are projecting the price point to be. Another popular number is $599 due to the tech involved, however Sony has yet to confirm or deny anything at this time. 

The PS5 release date was also a part of the leak, alleging a launch set for November 20th, which is a Friday. This part of the leak is also believable, though it’s important to keep in mind that realistic or not, this is still a leak and not an official confirmation from the company itself. 

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Previous leaks have put the launch near the same time period, a Holiday launch at the end of November, which is something that Sony has mentioned hasn’t been affected by COVID-19. Retailers from around the world, including Best Buy, have also corroborated a similar info palet for launch and pricing, though Sony itself has remained mum on specifics. Hopefully, as we lead into September, both Microsoft and Sony will be more willing to share the details, though Microsoft did confirm a November launch. They sort of have to, unless they are planning on waiting until the month of launch. 

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