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PlayStation 5 Launch Titles and Next Xbox Strategy Teased

by Liana Ruppert

The next generation is looming around the corner, making gamers all over the world excited to see what the new wave of console gaming will have to offer. With more of a focus on smoother and faster tech, backwards compatibility, and Microsoft’s attempts to bridge the gap between console and PC, it’s been interesting tracking what we know so far. But what about the games? While we don’t have a full list of confirmed launch titles, a recent podcast did just tease the PlayStation 5 launch title lineup. 

The podcast is the weekly segment over at Kotaku with Splitscreen and it was in a recent episode that Jason Schreier talked about the PS5 and the next Xbox. One of the aspects he mentioned was how both companies are taking a drastically different approach to how they are handling their launch line-up. It sounds like Microsoft is taking the slow and steady pace while Sony is aiming to have a line-up ready to go. Schreier mentioned that he knows a few of the PS5 launch titles, though refused to name them for understandable reasons, though he did mention that he’s fairly certain that the PS5 launch titles available will not be backwards compatible. 

While first-party games remain firmly in the future, he did add that third-party games are likely to be cross-gen as they have been in the past. One of the games in question that he called out by name is the previously leaked Assassin’s Creed: Ragnarok, which will bring Vikings into the mix. 

He also touched on Microsoft a little it, saying that the next Xbox is allegedly not going to have any first-party exclusives until 2021 post-launch but that they are instead focusing on bridging the gap between PC and console even more, including their current Xbox One system. It will also have backwards compatibility through all generations at launch as well, something rumored for the PS5 though that has yet to be confirmed by Sony. 

With a big PlayStation event set up for February, we’re sure be getting a lot of questions answered then. What are you most excited to learn about? Hit us up over on Twiter @PrimaGames and tell us what you’re amped for when it comes to the next generation of gaming! 

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