Project X Zone Gets a Release Date

Find out when you can play the mighty Namco/Capcom/Sega crossover RPG.

If you’re looking for good role-playing action this summer, Namco Bandai has you covered.

The company has just announced a release date for its huge crossover adventure game for Nintendo 3DS, Project X Zone.  The game will be arriving on June 25th, and will be bringing a cavalcade of stars from various Namco games, as well as Sega and Capcom superstars.

In the game, you’re pursuing the Portalstone, which has been snatched away, forcing a time-rift to open up…which would explain all the characters coming over from other universes.  “The ambitions of various people, organizations and creatures have become intertwined, turning this incident into a great source of turmoil,” stated a Namco listing.  “The past, future and even distant worlds from other dimensions have been drawn into what will become a long journey for our heroes.”

We’ll have a strategic preview for you shortly!

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