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Project Eve Shares Captivating Trailer During PlayStation Showcase

by Morgan Shaver

The latest trailer for Project Eve from Shift Up is one that’ll catch your attention, that’s for sure. Originally announced back in 2019, today’s trailer offered the first real look at Project Eve’s gameplay.

Additionally, a PlayStation Blog post from Shift Up director Kim Hyung Tae was shared after today’s PlayStation Showcase that elaborates upon the premise behind Project Eve. 

Project Eve Shares Captivating Trailer During PlayStation Showcase

Project Eve is an interesting looking project from developer Shift Up, a developer and publisher based out of South Korea. Previously, Shift Up has developed games like Defense War: Destiny Child PVP Game and 2016’s Destiny Child. 

In a PlayStation Blog post, director Kim Hyung Tae shares information as to what gamers can expect from Project Eve.

“In the not-too-distant future, mankind is expelled from Earth after losing the battle against the invaders called the NA:tives.

To win back Earth, the player becomes Eve, the survivor of the paratrooper squad deployed from the Colony, who must fight through powerful enemies with new comrades.

We invite you to join Eve’s adventure in the face of unknown creatures on a desolate, destroyed Earth.”

According to the blog post, Project Eve will utilize the DualSense controller’s feature. More information about this will come in the future once Shift Up is ready to reveal more of the game’s weapons.

It’s noted that Eve can do more than fight monstrous foes as Eve can also scale walls, slide, and swing on ropes. 

“As the game progresses, Eve acquires skills and items, growing stronger and stronger. Acquire Beta Gauge (BG) by parrying and evading in combat. You can then use BG to gain skills like piercing super armor, execute sweeping attacks, interrupt enemy combos, and more.

Eve also has a Burst Gauge which accumulates with successive parries and combos, which can be used to activate buffs and powerful attacks like a leaping stab. You can also look forward to finding stylish costumes throughout the game to change Eve’s look.”

Project Eve has yet to receive a confirmed release date, or even a release window. All we know is that Project Eve will release on PlayStation 5.

While we wait to learn more about Project Eve, we’re curious what your thoughts are on the trailer that was shown, and the information that was shared on the PlayStation Blog. Does Project Eve look like a game you’d like to play?

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