We've waited for what seems like an eternity for a follow-up to the extraordinary GameCube game Eternal Darkness, and now we could very well get one... provided that the right funding level is reached.

Precursor Games, an Ontario-based development team, recently showed off a work-in-progress game called Shadow of the Eternals.  The game definitely looks like a spiritual follow-up to the classic GameCube game from Silicon Knights and it's officially kicked off crowdfunding for the project.  Its estimated goal to launch the multi-chapter game is $1.5 million dollars and so far funding sits at just over $115,000 with 29 days to go.

Like most crowdfunding projects, this one comes with an ample amount of rewards depending on the money you put it.  This includes access to all five episodes, a soundtrack, a limited edition poster and a visit to the studio and the ability to create an event in the game for those who really pony up the cash.

You can learn more about the project and donate to it at the official Shadow of the Eternals page. If it does meet its goal, we'll be seeing the first chapter in fall 2014.

If it's as good as Eternal Darkness, count us in!