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Pokemon Rumble Rush Arrives On Mobile For Free

by Liana Ruppert

Pokemon Rumble Rush has arrived for mobile devices today and the cutesy beat ’em up style game promises to be the perfect on-the-go treat for hardcore Pokemon fans. 

The latest free-to-play mobile experience is available on both Android and iOS devices, allowing players to collect, powerup, and take out Pokemon while exploring new islands that house their own surprises. 

According to the official Pokemon company, “In Pokémon Rumble Rush players assume the role of an intrepid adventurer tasked with discovering new islands and the various Pokémon that inhabit each area.  As they explore each island players must overcome the hordes of enemy Pokémon that stand in their way.  By tapping the screen, the players’ partner Pokémon will rush in and attack each oncoming wave. During each of these encounters there is a chance one or more of the Pokémon will befriend a player and in turn use those Pokémon in future battles. Each island adventure features Super Boss fights and, if victorious, players have the chance to get items that power up their Pokémon.” 

Rumble Rush offers hundreds of different species of Pokemon for players to encounter, including upcoming world events and special Legendaries as well. The surprise debut is the perfect addition to the Pokemon franchise and couldn’t have come at a better time with Detective Pikachu currently dominating the box office. 

To learn more about the latest Pokemon adventure, you can check out the official website here. You can also download it for yourself, for free, on iOS and Android mobile devices. 

Liana Ruppert

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