The Pokemon GO Fest 2020 Puzzle is Solved, Fans Aren’t Happy

Pokemon GO Fest 2020 hasn't even started yet and there's already drama!

It’s almost time for this year’s Pokemon GO Fest, which of course is all online due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation. But while the event doesn’t start until the weekend, a little lead-in event Niantic ran for funsies ended up causing some upset in the community. Niantic has been dropping clues for the Pokemon GO Fest 2020 puzzle all week, and the code was finally cracked last night after a ton of effort from the community. But the hype ended pretty fast afterwards, and here’s why:

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As you can see, when Niantic announced the puzzle originally, it included the choice language noting only the “top few” puzzle-solvers would benefit from the code. That’s pretty vague, and it seems like most of the folks collaborating on cracking the code kinds got their hopes up. Tragically, a full week of Pokemon GO detective work later, almost nobody was able to redeem the code. In fact, what the code actually gave was an additional mystery until someone who managed to get it dropped some evidence.

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After that, Niantic dropped a second code, a consolation prize of sorts for everyone else. But since “everyone else” ended up meaning “almost everyone,” the much less useful consolation prize seemed to only rub salt in this particular wound. Niantic hasn’t responded to this little controversy yet, but all you need to do is check the Twitter feed to see the noticeably higher engagement numbers on the relevant tweets. Folks aren’t pleased, to say the least.

That said, it seems like the Pokemon GO fanbase is still excited for this weekend’s festivities, even with the Pokemon GO Fest 2020 puzzle drama floating over it. It seems like the rewards for the initial code only added up to about five bucks’ worth of items, so despite the hype deflation making it feel bad for everyone who worked to help solve the puzzle, it will likely blow over once the real event gets going.

What do you all think about this event? Is it a big deal that Niantic should have been more explicit about, or is the matter being blown out of proportion? Let us know what you think on the Twitter and Facebook feeds.


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