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Pokemon GO-Like Dragon Quest Walk Revealed With New Trailer

by Liana Ruppert

Minecraft recently revealed their take on the Pokemon GO style of mobile gaming and now Dragon Quest is getting in on the action! Dragon Quest Walk has been announced by Square Enix for Japan, bringing with it a unique AR-driven way to experience a familiar world. 

The game itself is poised to launch later this year for both Android and iOS devices with a closed beta planned for June 11. At the time this article was written, Dragon Quest Walk has only been confirmed for a Japan release, though more could be revealed during their showcase at this year’s E3 conference for Square Enix. 

“Everyday life becomes an adventure,” boasts the official game’s website (translation provided by Gematsu), allowing players to visit everyday locations in the real world while unlocking in-game quests and a way to build upon the world of Dragon Quest that so many love. 

According to a recent event where executive producer Yuu Miyake talked a little more about the upcoming game: 

“By the way, about Dragon Quest XII, which I’m sure is on everyone’s mind–[Yuji] Horii and I are currently making preparations on series developments that will connect to XII. I think it’s still too early, but we would like announce it in some form, so please wait a little while longer.”

Between Minecraft Earth, Harry Potter: Wizards unite, and Pokemon GO, the time for AR has definitely arrived. 

Liana Ruppert

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