The PlayStation 5 reveal event that everyone is looking forward to is reportedly happening next month with a first-party lineup showcase as well. This will be the first time we've seen what the PS5 will look like despite Microsoft having shown off the Xbox Series X during The Game Awards last year. 

Rumors about the upcoming PlayStation 5 reveal event have been rampant for months but a new report from Venture Beat offers a little more insight as to what could potentially be on the way. The site mentions the June event that we've previously covered but additionally, it talks about June 4th as the alleged date. That being said, COVID-19 continues to push plans back, so it's possible that this date could be slightly, well - outdated. 

Also mentioned is that the PlayStation 5 reveal event will host an exciting first-party lineup reveal with some third-party goodness thrown into the mix as well. 

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While exciting, this information remains unconfirmed at this time with an official Sony announcement, though VB does mention that Sony is planning a few exciting reveals over the course of this Summer, so it's possible that the console itself won't be revealed until a later date. Prima's own sources have mentioned mid-July as the big reveal, though getting corroborations for that timeframe are still pending. 

As for which games we will likely see, there have been quite a few reports and leaks over the past year about a Horizon Zero 2, so some form of confirmation of that could be likely. A sequel to Marvel's Spider-Man is also likely since we know that PlayStation exclusive is also in the works as well. 

It would be phenomenal to learn more about Elden Ring as well since it's been quiet following the initial reveal, and potentially an even closer look at the recent Unreal Engine 5 as well. With the end of May drawing closer and closer, hopefully Sony will confirm when their event will take place with a teaser for what's to come. In the meantime, check out some of our other great coverage about the PlayStation 5 below: 

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