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Horizon Zero Dawn 2 Job Listing Spotted

by Liana Ruppert

When Horizon Zero Dawn first released exclusively on the PlayStation 4, gamers were instantly enamored by Aloy and the narrative woven by the team over Guerilla Games. From its breath-taking open-world to its phenomenal cast of characters, there was a lot for gamers to fall in love with which makes the desire for a sequel all the more understandable. For this itching for a Horizon Zero Dawn 2 reveal, it may be on the horizon sooner than we think because a job posting for the sequel at-hand has been spotted. 

Will there be a Horizon Zero Dawn 2? 

First things first: the job posting. While it doesn’t implicitly say the words Horizon Zero Dawn, the description for the Lead Creature Animator all but names the sequel with its description. The first Horizon Zero Dawn had a massive creature animation team due to all of the technologically advanced beings players meet. Though machines, these creatures walked, talked – attacked – like animals, a fact made abundantly clear due to the animation and attention to detail. 

According to the job listing, they are looking for someone with extensive knowledge with creature movement and animation. It also mentions that for those that apply, “you will be part of a diverse team of animators that collaborates closely with Game Design, Visual Design and Code to create engaging creatures for our compelling gameplay. Having a dedicated creature team means, you will have the chance to focus full time on setting the bar as high as possible in terms of aesthetic and in-game requirements for the creature animation quality.” 

The listing also goes on to say that whoever fits the bill will be in charge of “setting the bar” and lead their team to perform to Guerrilla Games’ highest standards while working on a project rooted in realistic mannerisms and movement. 

Back in April of 2019, actress Janina Gavankar spilled the beans that a sequel was in the works when a fan of hers came up to her during a convention cosplaying as her character from Star Wars: Battlefront 2 to ask if there would be any sort of continuation to Horizon Zero Dawn. Gavankar laughed and replied, “It’s incredible! Wait until you see the sequel, you’re going to die. I know some secrets! You’re going to die!” 

While all of this is exciting, it is important to note that Guerilla Games has yet to officially confirm that Horizon Zero Dawn 2 is in the works, despite Gavankar’s confidence and overwhelming likelihood due to the first game’s impressive sales records. Still, it will be interesting to see when we get a reveal, especially if highering is, in fact, ramping up. 

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