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Horizon Zero Dawn Sequel Teased By Voice Actress, “I Know Some Secrets!”

by Liana Ruppert

The PlayStation 4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn took the gaming world by storm with its incredible narrative and stunning open-world. With a breath-taking story and a protagonist that many instantly fell in love with, it’s not surprising that fans would be anxious to know when we get a sequel from the team over at Guerrilla Games. It looks like the team might be bracing for an announcement soon, at least if prominent voice actress Janina Gavankar is to be believed. 

Gavankar, most recently known for her role as Iden Versio in Star Wars Battlefront II, just gave Horizon Zero Dawn fans a massive heart attack during Chicago’s Star Wars celebration! When the voice actress spoke with one fan cosplaying as her character from Battlefront, the topic of Horizon Zero Dawn came up. When asked if there would be a sequel, she responded “It’s incredible. Wait till you see the sequel. You’re gonna die. I know some secrets! You’re gonna die.”

Though the original Twitch clip of her response has since been deleted, the Internet is forever when one fan managed to mirror the recording before it disappeared, which can be viewed here.

While it’s not an official confirmation from the studio itself, Gavankar seemed very confident in the conversation – almost as if she didn’t realise that a sequel hasn’t actually been confirmed yet. Though the studio has mentioned “IF” a sequel were to happen in the past, they never actually solidified that one was in the works. Looks like that’s not only in-progress, but that the future of the franchise will offer just as many thrills as the first one. 

While we await some form of official confirmation, the first game can be enjoyed now exclusively on PlayStation 4. 

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