This afternoon’s Playdate video showcase had plenty of information regarding what is new with the Playdate handheld console and its new accessories.

Playdate Handheld Pre-Orders Start July, New Stereo Dock Accessory Announced

The showcase started with a look at the brand new stereo dock for the system, which adds a stereo speaker and a pen holder! The Playdate handheld magnetically snaps onto the front of the dock giving it access to use the stereo speaker in various ways.

Panic also introduced a brand new app called Poolsuite FM, a collection of fun music that can play out of the stereo dock. Clip your Playdate onto the dock and just let the music wash over you.

The stereo attachment also works as a regular Bluetooth speaker as well. No more information on the price or release date of the accessory was given at this time, but we look forward to seeing more of it soon.

As for the games, Panic has courted a multitude of different developers ranging from Keita Takahashi to Lucas Pope, to create games for the platform. These games are releasing as part of “Season One,” which will include 24 games total. Each week Playdate owners will receive two new games for free. 

Panic has also partnered with Sweet Baby to guide and mentor two teams of up-and-coming developers from marginalized communities. These two games are “Recommendation Dog” and “Real Steal”. 

Panic also announced a way to develop for Playdate, which they are calling Playdate Pulp. A free-to-use web browser software that will enable anyone to create for the platform. Pulp is launching later this year, and we are curious to see how these games will be curated for a widescale audience.

The Playdate will start taking pre-orders in July and start shipping sometime after that. It retails for $179. 

For more information on the Playdate and other video games, check out Prima Games and our official Twitter and Facebook pages.