PUBG MOBILE is no stranger to incredible crossovers with blends with franchises such as Godzilla, Resident Evil, and more. Now the latest mashup is here and this time it'll make battle royale fans yell "Caarrrrllllll" in their best southern drawl because The Walking Dead is officially crashing the lands of chicken dinners. 

The latest crossover goes live on October 1st and will offer players a chance to transform into their favorite Walking Dead characters. Whether you want to harness your inner Daryl Dixon, or want to be a total badass with the Negan skin, there's a lot to choose from for those truly passionate about the AMC series. 

AMC tells Prima Games that PUBG MOBILE fans have these skins to look forward to: 

  • Daryl Dixon Skin
  • Rick Grimes Skin
  • Negan Skin
  • Michonne Skin
  • Daryl’s Motorcycle
  • Michonne’s Katana
  • Negan’s Bat, ‘Lucille’

The Walking Dead crossover kicks off tomorrow and will run until early 2020, giving mobile players plenty of time to get some quality AMC game time in. With over 400 million downloads and an impressive 50 million daily users, PUBG MOBILE proves that there is definitely a market for battle royale on the go. 

What do you think about the latest crossover to invade the world of PUBG MOBILE? Digging the Walking Dead vibes or are you jonesing for something else? Hit us up with your thoughts over on Twitter @PrimaGames