You were, ahem, curious as to what Peter Molyneux was up to for his next project.  Well, now you can find out for yourself.

Molyneux, alongside his new development team at 22 Cans, have announced that Curiosity, a quirky new puzzle game for the mobile front, has been released for the App Store, and is coming soon to the Android marketplace as well.

The game gives you a cube, which you can rotate and look at from all six sides.  The goal?  Get what's inside the cube, by chipping away at it and using accessories to try and get inside.  That's easier said than done, as some challenges pop up that make it rather interesting getting past all the "cubelets," if you will.

Curiosity features a cool scoring factor where you can use multipliers together in chains, depending on your taps and earning coins.  It gets a little manic at times, but the gameplay experience is definitely genuine…and somewhat fun once you get used to it.

Like we said, the app is free, and you can download it here