It's funny how Peter Molyneux named his latest project Curiosity, because, honestly, we are intrigued.  But things seem to be changing for the mysterious project.

The game, which was originally set for release this month, is now slated for release sometime in September for mobile devices.  However, that's not the only big change coming to the game.  It'll no longer be called Curiosity.

According to a tweet from Molyneux, he ran into a bit of conflict with the name when NASA launched its Mars Rover a few weeks back, because it's also named Curiosity.  "There is a problem," he stated.  "We can't use it because of NASA."  So, Molyneux and his team at 22 Cans are currently exploring new name options.  Is Big Black Cube an option?

Anyway, keep an eye out for Molyneux's latest, which should be arriving very soon.  It's promising to be "truly amazing" and "absolutely unique", which describes Molyneux so well based on some of his work.  Let's see what unfolds, shall we…?