Payday 2’s Safehouse Could Return in Payday 3 in a Post-Launch Update

The iconic base of our heisters might one day return.

Payday 3 Moving Cash
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With Payday 3’s release in full swing, players are naturally wondering when some of Payday 2’s most beloved features and heists will come out. While many of these features have been ported over nicely, and some have even seen significant upgrades (thank god for sliding), certain aspects are missing. The Payday 2 safehouse is one of them, though all hope of its return isn’t lost. During a recent developer livestream, the team discussed many highly-discussed topics in the community, including the potential return of the safehouse.

During the stream, Payday 3 developers Almir Listo and Andreas Hall-Penninger were asked about the possibility of the Payday 2 safehouse. In response, they said that while there’s currently no safehouse feature for Payday 3, the team sees the post-launch content drops for the game as an “opportunity” for them to create a new safehouse for players to engage with and explore. However, that’s no guarantee that it will return. They further said that whether it will be an exciting feature or not “is up to us, the development team, to think about properly.”

Currently, the Payday 2 safehouse serves as a hub for players to explore and learn more about their favorite heisters. Most of the rooms in the house are dedicated to specific heisters and showcase themselves, while there’s also a vault for all of the cash you’ve accumulated when playing. It isn’t the most exciting thing in the world, but it can host the Safehouse Raid heist, with cops actively assaulting the safehouse and attempting to take down the heisters. While I found it a bit annoying after a while, I always enjoyed that extra touch of personality the safehouse brought forth.

While it’ll likely be a while before we see the safehouse added if we ever do, it’s good to see that it’s at least on the Payday 3 team’s radar. For now, at least, we have a handful of heists to work through. If you’re getting started yourself, check our Payday 3 No Rest for the Wicked stealth guide.

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