Overkill Games is ready to pull off the perfect heist – this time on a much grander scale.

The developer, in conjunction with publisher 505 Games, confirmed today that Payday 2, the sequel to its popular multiplayer shooter on PlayStation Network, will arrive next week for both PC and consoles. The game debuts on Steam August 13th, and releases for consoles between the 13th and the 16th, in both retail and downloadable formats.

The game features even more robbing opportunities than ever before, with over 12 scenarios to choose from and plenty of chances to get rich with your friends. Expect plenty of tension – and lots of cool weapons – to help execute your get-rich-quick schemes.

For those who pre-order the game on Steam, you now have access to a closed multiplayer beta, where you can try the game out and improve your skills. Simply visit this link to get the details.