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Pacific Rim Game in the Works, Due For Release This Summer

by Prima Games Staff

One of this summer’s most anticipated movies is Guillermo del Toro’s modern-day monster mash Pacific Rim, which is looking absolutely fantastic judging by what we’ve seen in the CinemaCon trailer.  It kind of looks like a set-up for an epic video game, so it makes sense that we’ll be getting one that we can actually play.

The site has a number of screenshots from an upcoming video game, due for release this Summer.  In the game you’ll brawl with a number of robots from the film like lead model Gypsy Danger as you take on a nasty bunch of aliens who have emerged from the sea.  Yukes, the developer behind THQ’s WWE simulation games and the game adaptation of robot brawler Real Steel, is handling the game’s development.

There’s no word on which platforms the game will be coming to, but PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade seem to be likely places.  We’ll have more information in the weeks ahead and provide you a few fighting strategies as well.  Here’s hoping you can find a ship to smack those aliens around with like a sword!

Pacific Rim hits theaters on July 12th.

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