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Overwatch Workshop Leaves PTR, Now Available on PC and PS4

by Liana Ruppert

The Overwatch Workshop lets players go wild with their creative side, essentially making their own version of the Blizzard FPS. From total mode creations, to tweaking heroes as they see fit, the Workshop is a phenomenal stomping ground for total freedom and now it’s finally out of PTR and live on PC and PlayStation 4. 

“Create games in ways previously unimaginable with the Workshop,” explains Blizzard about the latest addition to Overwatch. “The Workshop is a simplified game scripting system that expands the customization features available in the Game Browser. Within the Workshop, you’ll create a Script to add Rules and unique play Conditions on top of the established Overwatch game modes you already know and love. Rules can do many things, like change how a hero’s movement and abilities work, modify how players are damaged or healed, or even display text under certain circumstances.”

Players can also make their own Rules and Conditions to a map, while also completely switching up how a hero moves and reacts within the game. Heals, damage, badassery – it all can be altered within the Workshop. There’s even a creation that takes it out of First-Person entirely, which – awesome!

Another cool feature is specifically for those that are a little miffed with constant bugs (which, hey – online gaming, it happens), bugs can also be fixed by using the Workshop script. 

Right now the Workshop is only live on PC and PlayStation 4, though the Xbox One update is expected to roll out here shortly.

Liana Ruppert

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