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Overwatch Nintendo Switch Port Reportedly Coming This October

by Liana Ruppert

An Overwatch Nintendo Switch port will reportedly be coming this October with an official reveal during the Nintendo Direct later today. Following an Amazon posting earlier this month for an official Overwatch Nintendo Switch case, even more leaks have occurred seemingly confirming the Overwatch Nintendo Switch news. Kotaku also reported on this with alleged confirmation following our own sources offering us confirmation yesterday afternoon.

What prompted us to reach out yesterday was a leak from a European retailer that went viral showing off an October 18th date. Following that leak, we reached out to pretty much every source we have on the inside, including one person that mentioned that the original reveal was set for BlizzCon. With an Overwatch 2 rumored to be on the horizon, it’s possible this is just an appetizer for what’s to come later this year. 

Part of what draws people to Blizzard’s shooter is that despite its initial simplicity at first glance, the game’s lore is actually incredibly intricate. Every character in the online adventure is vastly different in personality, backstory, and play style. Couple that with new cosmetics, events, lore, and tons more – the sky really is the limit and they have no real reason to move on quite yet or really change anything at all. That being said, many are itching to learn more about some of the other characters that have seen little time in the spotlight, much like my boi Lucio.

To take that experience on the go would be just the thing Blizzard needs to bring back the game into its full spotlight. Though still enjoyable and very much getting continuous support, the fanbase has seen a dramatic dip due to time and lack of any real game-changing content. Being able to take the enjoyable online title beyond homebase could be the perfect shapeup needed to get those numbers back up.

So far Blizzard has yet to confirm any of these rumors, but the Nintendo Direct is later tonight so maybe we’ll see some form of confirmation then! As for Overwatch itself, the game is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. 

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